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Anonymous asked:

Those drawing "you" drew are not yours at all. They're jaesama's. please stop taking credit for other people's hard work. It is not fair to them

Here -.-” What do u think now ?? And i don’t care what u think i did the drawings!!!




“I’m really grow fond with Niall, he’s a sensitive and gentle boy. I’m always a little afraid when he falls in love because if a girl hurts him he could suffer for months. And there isn’t worst thing than see a really close friend feeling bad. This is valid also for the rest of the group but Niall is different. In fact when he says to me “Hey Zayn, i think i’m in love” i always say to wait and don’t illude himself. Because he suffered too much in the past because of love, and i won’t say how much he was down. So i make a kianda appeal to all the girls: If you’re really lucky and Niall falls in love with you, go easy. But first of all don’t play with his heart…. he won’t do it with you so it must be mutual. I hope that when he will fall in love, the girl will know what kind of guy is Niall and how much he’s fragile.”

i think i died reading this

(Source: batchfrommiddleearth)

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